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Cohesity Helios
SaaS-based, global secondary data and application management

Cohesity Helios

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Cohesity Helios™ provides a single view and global management of all your secondary data and applications wherever they reside-on-premises, cloud, and edge. Add Cohesity Helios to your multicluster environment, and you gain unprecedented global access and control over all your secondary data and apps.

Unify your secondary data and apps:
Much more than a passive dashboard, Cohesity Helios utilizes cutting edge algorithms to proactively assess IT needs and automate infrastructure resources. Cohesity Helios goes beyond accelerating IT efficiency and simplicity at a global scale. Cohesity DataPlatform radically simplifies secondary storage and now with Cohesity Helios you can:

  • Easily move secondary data and apps to any location for archiving, test/dev, or analytics
  • Effectively build out your hybrid cloud strategy


Core Features:



A unified dashboard to manage your global multi-cluster environment, with real-time monitoring and reporting, Cohesity Helios simplifies managing global secondary data and applications with an easy to navigate user interface. You can now easily enforce your global policies and upgrade all your Cohesity clusters, or drill down into any specific cluster, all from a single aggregated view.


Cohesity Helios SmartAssist automatically schedules and orchestrates jobs and workloads to help you meet your desired SLAs. Compare and optimize your infrastructure performance against your peers with Helios' industry benchmark data. Gain more control with Helios' smart recommendation capabilities to make an informed decision. And if the unexpected does happen, such as a failed hard disk or power supply, gain peace of mind knowing Cohesity Helios can automate corrective action for failure of non-critical system resources.


Business runs better when IT has greater visibility and can proactively prevent downtime and insufficient resources from slowing the performance of critical processes such as backup and analytics. With machine driven insights, Helios can alert for any software and hardware anomalies with remediation recommendations before it negatively impacts your business. Based on your current storage utilization, data growth trends, and storage efficiency analysis, Helios can predict and recommend when you might need additional resources to avoid downtime. Further, proactively evaluate the impact of a new workload, an adaptor, or changes made to processes and configuration with Helios' advanced sandbox environment.




Multi-cluster Active Management

•   Real-time multi-cluster monitoring from an aggregated dashboard

•   Pre-built and custom global reporting for data protection, storage efficiency, GDPR, and more

•   Global policies configuration and management

•   Orchestrated multi-cluster upgrades






•   Additive regression models for capacity forecast

•   Disk failure prediction with gradient-boosted trees

•   Machine learning based proactive wellness

•   Support automation for case management and field notices

•   Machine driven root cause analysis and troubleshooting

•   Hardware and software anomaly detection, including anti-ransomware alerts



Accelerated Business Planning

•   Google-like global actionable search to protect, recover, clone, and instantly mount data

•   Intelligent sandbox for what-if analysis

•   Global asset and licensing management

•   Community learning




Business Insights

•   MapReduce powered in-place analytics for eDiscovery and compliance monitoring

•   Threat analysis with unified dashboard and anomaly detection

•   SDK for custom app development

•   Contextually relevant actionable information

•   Customizable alerts




Multicluster Single Sign-on

Multicluster Dashboard

Global Actionable Search

Support Automation

Global Reports


Pre-built and Custom

Capacity Prediction

Ransomware Alerts

Predictive Failure Analysis

Metadata Retention Duration for Reporting


3 months


3 years

Get Applications

Manage Global Policies

Orchestrated Upgrade

Global Customized Reports

Cluster Management Advisory

Configuration Verification

What-if Analysis

*All storage capacities listed are raw.


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