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Cohesity Analytics Workbench
In-place analytics and applications for managed data

Cohesity Analytics Workbench

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Cohesity Analytics Workbench (AWB) empowers organizations to find new and meaningful business insights in their data while parsing the same massive data sets to prevent cybercrime and compliance violations. Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates all data in a single platform, whether across on-premises, the cloud, or remote sites. Cohesity AWB is an in-place data analytics solution available within Cohesity DataPlatform that allows business to analyze and extract detailed information directly without the need to migrate data to an application server. AWB comes with three applications-Pattern Finder, Password Detector, and Video Compressor-to support critical use cases including eDiscovery, threat analysis, and compliance monitoring, saving IT and business leaders time. AWB also allows IT to develop new custom applications using open APIs.

Analytics Workbench-Architecture

Core Features:

Compute to Data

Bringing compute to data:

Cohesity DataPlatform eliminates the data sprawl across multiple data silos by converging all data on a single cloud-ready solution that makes backup and unstructured data productive. Powered by native MapReduce functionality combined with appropriate storage and compute resources, Cohesity DataPlatform uniquely supports in-place analytics with Cohesity AWB to assist with business and compliance requirements.

Eliminate unnecessary data copies

Eliminate unnecessary data copies:

A single global namespace along with the native MapReduce functionality within SpanFS® uniquely allows Cohesity to analyze all data irrespective of its location (on-premises, cloud or edge) at scale. This eliminates the need to integrate with another file system (e.g., HDFS) or making additional data copies specifically for analytics.

Meet Business Requirements

Meet business and compliance requirements:
AWB applications look for patterns that might reveal sensitive or personal data stored in plain text, search for alphanumeric combinations that might be compromising passwords and violating compliance requirements, and compress increasing volumes of video for greater IT efficiency. Cohesity eliminates unnecessary data copies by bringing compute resources to the data on a single platform.
Meet Business Requirements

Flexibility to build custom applications:
For the greatest flexibility, organizations can use AWB applications with Cohesity's custom map and reduce functions or create their own applications by uploading a unique Java archive (JAR) file.




Data Sources

  • Virtual - VMware, Hyper-V (2016), RHV and AHV
  • Physical - Windows, Linux and AIX
  • NAS - NetApp, Dell EMC Isilon and Pure FlashBlade
  • Files - NFS and SMB
  • Cloud - Any AWS, Azure and GCP


    Pre-Built Applications

  • Pattern Finder - Application searches for multiple patterns, such as \d{3}-\d{2}-\d{4} at once across a wide variety of files and formats from text and office files to PDF and Zip formats, simplifying discovery.
  • Password Detector - Application searches for files with alphanumeric strings, raising the probability, a string is also a password.
  • Video Compressor - Application compresses video file formats, for example .mpeg, .avi, .mp4, .flv, .wmv, .mov, reducing retained file storage sizes.
  • Custom App Development

  • Yes, via Java archive file
  • File Set for Analysis

  • Storage domain, objects, views and jobs
  • Job Scheduling

  • Time based scheduling to meet SLAs
  • Reports

  • .CSV and text
  • *All storage capacities listed are raw.


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